Features of the Amazon Feedbackwhiz Upgrade


Amazon's well-known feedback whiz, has just been given a major overhaul. Amazon is now rolling out a new, high-end feature that not only makes your task much easier but also increases the usefulness of your product review.

Link Building for eBay is part of the recently-released Toolbox upgrade, available through the Amazon marketplace (here). If you want to build links that get your listing noticed by your buyers and sellers, it is a great way to do so. It also provides links that the average buyer won't find, which is ideal for your marketing strategy.

Free Tier upgrades are now available as of this writing for a limited time. As with many things in this world, it is not forever. In this case, the limited time period is usually a few days or a week. You have to be quick if you want to grab the offers.

The Feedbackwhiz is probably one of the more popular tools that Amazon sells. However, it does need an update to be useful. The new features are listed below.

A "Keep Offers" section on the Amazon Feedback Wiz, especially useful for retailers. It allows you to keep from receiving sales reminders so you can focus on your primary tasks without interruption.

In the new version, you can create a new request by typing in the item description or the seller's name. The task can be verified by the seller to give you the most accurate reply. You can customize the box with your information if you want.

The optional text message alerts are a nice feature as well. If you receive a request from a product owner and it is not an ongoing one, you can set a reminder for your users.

The only problem is you will have to work hard to convince the seller to accept your task. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time for both parties. If the task is not valid, the seller will go away and never answer again.

If you offer gifts for free and are willing to take some abuse for doing so, this feature should be a huge plus. You can set up your own reminders for customers who were unwilling to respond to your initial requests. The customers will then be forced to buy when they know that it will be a pain to do so.

If you need to create a feedback for a product, this feature provides you with a tab to begin with the process with your new buyers. Just remember that you have to provide your information every time the tab opens. You have to complete the request and show you are ready to receive the payment.

It is possible to mark off reviews that are inappropriate or false. Therefore, it is now possible to completely delete the reviews that you don't think are helpful for you. This helps protect your business from items that you don't want.

With these new features added to the Amazon Feedbackwhiz, you are guaranteed to receive your product reviews in a timely manner. And with this new feature, you have no excuse not to do so.


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