When the impurities are removed, the water will now become pure. This is how a newer and improved version of water purification is available now. It works just like what we knew about water before.Helium10 Alternative


Let's talk about a relatively new but very interesting technology called Helium10. The Helium10 will replace the usage of Methanol, which was the other high quality artificial water disinfectant. This technology is patented by Tenax Technology Corporation.

Achieving this level of purity was very difficult because acetone and THMs can react with one another to form THM acetaldehyde. The result is that acetaldehyde is not only unpalatable, but also it will build up inside the body.

Today, the Helium10 Technology was approved for use in drinking water. This has changed the way the water purification process used to be done. Water will no longer have to be disinfected with Methanol anymore.

In the original addition of the technology to the water purification process, the high quality of the water would be hindered. It would cause the bacteria to get out of control. The chlorine level would rise, which would make the taste of the water not so good.

The water would also start to smell. That's why most of the water supply in the world is kept at normal levels.

With the technology of the Helium10 technology, it has been modified and made a part of the original water purification process. The original software can still be used as a tool.

Let's take a look at this technology and its function now that it is available. It works like this:

First of all, there should be a scientific background on how this process works. The role of the Helium10 alternative is to remove or decrease the hydrogen in water.

Hydrogen is needed to stay viable. If it is removed, the water will dry up. The process of dehydration is a means to release hydrogen from the water.

Another type of substance that can be used in the process is Acetone. Acetone is a substance that can be found naturally. It has the capability to break down water molecules.

With Acetone, the water will get a quick release. It can also help improve the taste of the water.


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